Pain Management

We offer holistic pain management care that combines the latest laser technology with ancient techniques such as acupuncture and supplementation. Are you searching for an alternative to taking pharmaceutical medication to treat your pain? We can help you get back to living an active, upbeat life!

XLR8 Low Level Laser Therapy

We utilize FDA approved, non-invasive, painless, cutting-edge technology to help reduce inflammation and pain located in many common areas of the body such as wrists, shoulders, knees, neck, back, etc. The medical-grade, low-light laser that we use beams infrared light to target and infiltrate injured tissues. The healing red light helps encourage wound and soft tissue healing through altering cellular function, reducing inflammation, thereby reducing and relieving pain.

Other Health Benefits Can Include:

  • Increased production of ATP and reduced oxidative stress
  • Use during pre and post surgery to reduce the pain and inflammation from procedures such as liposuction or hip/knee/shoulder surgeries
  • Reduced tension and pain in the neck and shoulders

*Not recommended for those who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or defibrillator.

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